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About us

Being one of the largest producers of spices and spice extracts, Plant Lipids continues to grow from strength to strength through its multi-faceted operations across the world. Based in India, the company is a much sought-after exporter and manufacturer that covers over 80 countries for essential oils, spice oleoresins, natural food colours, whole and ground sterilized spices.

What sets Plant Lipids apart from the rest is the concerted focus on developing top-of-the-line products in line with a diverse range of specific requirements, whether medicinal, culinary, or cosmetic. The core principles of sustainability and traceability are ingrained in our approach to product development. Every product is carefully developed in compliance with strict quality guidelines and globally recognized standards. Our repertoire consists of over 500 specific products under a wide range of classifications (

Strategically located at the spice-growing foothills of Southern India, there are currently 16 processing plants located in India, Sri Lanka, and the newly commissioned site in the UK, BRC accredited and specialized in Natural Food Colours.

Natural Food colour
Essential Oils

Plant Lipids UK

Established in 2014, Plant Lipids UK has rapidly ascended in stature to become one of the country’s premier suppliers in the natural product solutions sector. Based in Corby Northants, this operational wing of Plant Lipids Group is an in-demand provider of Oleoresins, Essential Oils, Clean label ingredients, Natural Colouring Solutions, Encapsulated Flavours and Spices.

Built on a strong foundation of sustainability, the range of products traded and manufactured by Plant Lipids UK offers an exceptional degree of flexibility in pack sizes, lead times, and commercial terms. These products are developed with meticulous understanding of the growing preference for greener alternatives across the food industry and amongst the customers. Moreover, the UK’s plant and R&D centre has garnered globally recognized certifications to ensure compliance with global food regulations, including BRC A, Kosher & REACH.



Plant Lipids UK is further supported by the vast resourcefulness and expertise of Plant Lipids Group. This global organization has been active and impactful for over 40 years in Kerala, India – often historically recognised as the epicentre of spice trade and industry.

We also have a dedicated team of innovation-focused application specialists who are consistently working on improving our existing products and developing new ones. Therefore by leveraging this wealth of potential and efficiency, we are more than able to meet the products’ demands and offer great value to our UK customers.


BRC Grade A accredited site,
UK Reach Registered under HSE


Flexibility on pack sizes from
1kg to 1tonne IBC's


Short Lead times from
our UK Site

Essential Oils &

Since its inception in 1979, Plant Lipids has been on a consistent streak to push the envelope in terms of innovation and quality for natural product solutions. Over 40 years, this has led us to become a world-renowned manufacturer of natural food ingredients and associate with iconic Food & Beverages brands.

At Plant Lipids, a wholesome range of natural essential oils, oleoresins, and spices are painstakingly created with demonstrable quality for flavouring, seasonings, preservation and therapeutic uses. As the demand for natural food ingredients has been on a near decade-long upswing, we have outlined our competence with unique perspectives on natural food colour formulations and flavouring ingredients.

By utilising cutting-edge production processes and high-end technologies, Plant Lipids has always been able to stay ahead of the curve and provide tailor-made offerings including aromas, extracts and flavours across diverse profiles of specifications and preferences.


spice Extract

Natural Food Colours inspired by Mother Nature

Spectra coloured lollipop



  • Specific products like Supersols Curry, O/R Cardamom 20% WS etc.
  • Light stable, pH specific natural colours that can withstand frozen temperature. (Orange, Orange-Red, Strawberry Pink Red wine, Purple etc)
  • Oil soluble or Water soluble, Spray Dried, Supersol forms.


  • Highly heat stable colours that can withstand the baking temperatures. (150C for 15 mins) (eg: Sodium copper chlorophyllin)
  • Light stable, pH specific, heat stable.
  • Oil soluble or Water soluble Spray Dried, Supersol forms.


  • Supersol Essential Oils overcomes the water insoluble characteristic of essential oils making it suitable for a wide range of food applications.
  • Natural colours for Orange-Red, Red, Orange, Yellow-Orange, Strawberry Pink, Red wine, Purple, Yellow, Green etc.
  • Light stable, pH specific, heat stable.


  • Yellow colour specific for noodle industry.
  • Spray dried products for ready-mixes.
  • Oil soluble or Water soluble Spray Dried, Supersol forms.

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